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Our professional team consists of dedicated sales specialists, operation teams, customer services and a team of experienced technicians to take care when carrying our treatment at your home and businesses and will work with you to accommodate your needs.

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What We Do |

Ace Performance provides rapid, secure, efficient, and effective pest control solutions to safeguard customers and their property from pest infestations and the threats they pose. Ace Performance Hygiene helps companies in reducing their exposure to hygiene risk while fostering an environment that is safer and healthier for company employees and customers.

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7 Common pest in Malaysia

Pest has been a major issue in many homes. They not only look disgusting but they also can spread diseases and can be a threat to you and your family’s health. For all your Pest Control and prevention needs, you can trust Ace Performance Environmental Services – The Pest Control Specialist, to get the Job done.

Our Service Process

Inspect & Access

To ensure we understand the root cause and severity of your pest problem. Our consultant will inspect your premises and provide a professional assessment. This process usually will takes about 30mins to an hour. And we give you the added assurance of knowing our suggested implementation solutions are always well thought through.

Plan & Implement

Based on our findings during the inspection phase, we will plan and implement a solution in specifically at tackling the problem areas. Our proposed pest control solution will be in science based leveraging on the latest technology we have at our disposal to get rid of your pest problem and prevent future infestation.

Monitor & Evaluation

If the situation requires, we will recommend a package solution where our technician will come on a regular schedule to monitor and evaluate the progress. During this inspection visit, he will investigate and eradicate any new problem found to give you that added peace of mind.

Request A Free | Quote

We work professionally to inspect and assess your unique situation. 
Request a free quote for a customized pest removal program that fits your needs. 

Client Testimonials

At Ace Performance, we attribute our success to satisfied customers who regularly use our services, product and recommend us to their friends.

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