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Cockroaches 3
  • An egg capsule (otheca) can produce up to 42 cockroaches. One pair of cockroaches can give rise to as many as 20,000 in one year.
  • Preferring a warm and moist habitat close to food sources, they congregate in crevices/drains near kitchens, rubbish chutes and toilets.

Hazards Which They Can Cause

1. Being disease-carrying pests.
2. Any food/utensil/surface which they are in contact will become contaminated.
3. Produces allergens that are sensitive to people in asthma.
4. Imparts stains and unpleasant odious.

Preventive Measures

  • Effective relies on good sanitation practice and application of insecticide.
  • Minimize food, water & harbourage to decrease population.
  • Potential harbourage loose baseboard, cardboard boxes, food debris (food preparative outlet), Leaking taps & pipes (kitchen).
  • Regular clean up accumulated food debris, Hard to reach area (behind stoves, ovens), Vacuuming shelves & cupboards.

Control Method

1. Sanitation – always keep clean.
2. Residual insecticide spraying or gel baiting on all potential breeding area.
3. Ultra low volume misting.