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House flies are generally 3/16 to 1/4 inches in length. They have two translucent wings and a grey thorax marked with four dark stripes. House flies cannot consume solid food, so they often predigest their food by first spitting on it to dissolve it.

Dirty Common housefly viewed from up high, Musca domestica

House Fly

Food & animal feces, dumpsters, garbage & compost piles​

Fruit Fly

Fruit Fly

Decomposing fruit, fermenting beer, vegetables, mops, rags & more

Flesh Fly

Flesh Fly

Animal faces, dead animals & meat waste

Sewage fly

Sewage Fly

Food & animal feces, dumpsters, garbage & compost piles​

Type of common Flies

Commonly found in homes and breeding locations.

  • An adult Housefly can cover a distance of 5km at a top speed of 6km per hour and beat its wings 200 times per second.
  • The life cycle of the Housefly takes only 2 weeks to complete and the adult female can live for about 2 months.

Behaviour of Flies

Flies are thought to be responsible for the spread of diseases such as diarrhoea, anthrax, eye inflammation and possibly tuberculosis. House flies are almost universally viewed as pests.

They prefer warmer temperatures, and in colder climates are therefore most likely to be found indoors.

Reproduction Process

  • Female house flies can lay as many as 3 to 7 batches of eggs in a lifetime, for a total of approximately 500 eggs. Once the eggs hatch, they quickly develop into maggots: short, white, worm-like creatures that feed on rotting organic matter.
  • They exist as maggots for approximately 1 week, after which they enter the pupa stage of their development. They inflate their skin, which becomes a reddish-brown cocoon. After 4-6 days, they then emerge as fully grown house flies. In this final stage of life, house flies can typically live between two weeks and one month.

Potential risks they pose

Control Method

Sanitation and habitat elimination are keys to managing.

Baiting, Traps and Aerosols.

Removal of breeding sources.

Spraying or fogging of all potential breeding grounds and harbourages for immediate extermination.

Common Pests

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It is a powerful residual insecticide that can be used indoors and outdoors. Temprid® is effective against crawling and flying insects.
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  • Resistance management
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Your All Round Defence Against Termites

Xterm® Termite Baiting System is the trusted non-invasive and environmentally friendly defence against termite infestations. Our repellent termiticide is effective and odourless, and approved by Singapore’s National Environmental Agency (NEA).

  • Fast process
  • Xterm is the fastest termite colony eradication baiting system on the market, with an average expected eradication time of 4 to 6 weeks.
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  • A product of Sumitomo Chemical, uniquely designed to be safer for your home, children and pets. Have peace of mind and protect your home with confidence.
  • Drill-free installation
  • In most situations, the Above Ground bait stations can be mounted using adhesive tape and the In Ground bait stations are inserted into pre-dug cavities surrounding a landed property.